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Is your landlord not responding? Take action today!

This is a free tool that notifies your landlord of repair issues via USPS Certified Mail®. This service is free and secure.

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Have you been given an eviction notice? This is illegal. An Eviction Moratorium is currently in place across New York State. Learn more

How It Works

  1. Customize your letter with a room-by-room issue checklist. We use a lawyer-approved template.
  2. mails your letter via USPS Certified Mail® - for free!
  3. Wait for your landlord to contact you directly. We'll check in to make sure they follow through.
  4. If repairs aren't made, learn about additional tactics like organizing and legal actions.

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Why mail a Letter of Complaint?

Your landlord is responsible for keeping your apartment and the building safe and livable at all times. This is called the Warranty of Habitability.

Having a record of notifying your landlord makes for a stronger legal case. If your landlord has already been unresponsive to your requests to make repairs, a letter is a great tactic to start. Through USPS Certified Mail®, you will have an official record of the requests you’ve made to your landlord. Our nonprofit covers the cost of mailing this letter for you!

Hear from tenants who have used

Veronica photo

They were terrific because their letter got results that mine didn’t. The letters from got my landlord to do the work. Now anytime I call, my landlord gets things done.

Veronica, 45 years old
Hamilton Heights

Steven photo

I like that you texted me to check in on my status. You all were the first online advocacy group I’ve seen that was accessible and easy to use.’s digital platform has definitely been a game changer.

Steven, 36 years old
East New York

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